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Developer Security Awareness: How To Measure

In the previous post (What Topics To Cover), we laid the foundation for your developer security awareness-training program. Now let's talk about the metrics we can collect to help improve our program.

It's all about the metrics

As we previously mentioned, establishing a common baseline for the entire development team would be helpful. A comprehensive application security assessment should be performed before awareness training begins. For example, the SANS Software Security team has a free web based security assessment knowledge check: A knowledge check such as this allows you to create a baseline, establish core strengths and weaknesses, and steer the types


Developer Security Awareness: What Topics To Cover

In our last post (Is Security Your Top Priority), we discussed improving the security of our organizations with security awareness training for development teams. Now let's talk about the security training we should provide.

What Topics To Cover

All team members have different knowledge levels of the various threats facing our applications. Some have received little or no application security training. Some may have taken a few courses in college that mentioned some common security issues. A few may have received in-depth application security training from a previous employer. The only way to guarantee everyone is on the same page is to establish a common baseline for all team members.

The first step is covering the fundamental aspects of application


WhatWorks in Application Security Poster

We are excited to announce the new WhatWorks in Application Security Poster!

The front side of the poster focuses on why application security is important to any organization and the critical steps needed to make an application security program successful, including:

  • Design: Review security requirements, security architecture, secure coding standards, and the tools your team can use to create secure software design from the beginning
  • Test: Methods for testing your applications including dynamic analysis and static analysis tools, plus checklists for evaluating commercial tools and third-party penetration testing firms
  • Fix: Covers code remediation and identifies some products that can be used for virtual patching
  • Govern: Secure SDLC processes, metrics and reporting, and evaluating application security training

On the reverse side, the Securing Web Application Technologies (SWAT) checklist provides an


HTML5: Risky Business or Hidden Security Tool Chest?

I was lucky to be allowed to present about how to use HTML5 to improve security at the recent OWASP APPSEC USA Conference in New York City. OWASP now made a video of the talk available on YouTube for anybody interested.


AppSec at RSA 2012 Conference

I attended the RSA conference last week in San Francisco for the first time, and enjoyed the city. Excellent restaurants like Slanted Door, Canteen, Barbacco and especially Commonwealth, the Wharf, Chinatown, the almost perfect weather.

I was surprised at the scale of the conference, the impressive number of IT security professionals who came from everywhere, and the even more impressive number of technology vendors represented. The exhibition floor was overwhelming: huge booths with their own bars and free drinks, lovely booth bunnies in racing suits and blue wigs, race cars, a robot, a real sumo wrestler, lots of games and contests, even a "beat the freak" - a chance to put on gloves and beat on a salesman. Most of the technology was targeted to the enterprise of course, SIEM systems and enterprise ID management systems, and highly scalable next generation and next next generation firewalls, and lots of endpoint security solutions. And vulnerability scanning technology of