To ingrain security into the minds of every developer in the world.

Mission Statement

Provide world-class educational resources to design, develop, procure, deploy, and manage secure software.

About Us

SANS Software Security focuses the deep resources of SANS on the growing threats to the application layer by providing training, certification, research, and community initiatives to help development teams and security professionals build secure applications.

SANS Software Security provides intensive, immersion training designed to help you and your staff master the practical steps necessary for defending applications and systems against the most dangerous threats. The courses are full of important and immediately useful techniques that you can put to work as soon as you return to your office. They were developed through a consensus process involving hundreds of developers, architects, administrators, security managers, and information security professionals, and address secure coding principles, security fundamentals and awareness, and the in-depth technical aspects of the most crucial areas of application security, secure coding, and secure development processes.

The SANS Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. Today, SANS teaches more than 14,000 application and network security practitioners each year. With more than 70,000 alumni and 165,000 community practitioners receiving SANS research and project information, SANS is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and certification in the world.

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