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Weekly Roundup of Web Hacking Incidents

The Web Hacking Incident Database, or WHID for short, is a Web Application Security Consortium project dedicated to maintaining a list of web applications related security incidents. WHID's goal is to serve as a tool for raising awareness of the web application security problem and provide information for statistical analysis of web applications security incidents. The following incidents were added to WHID in the past week:

  1. WHID 2010-202: NASA Website hacked and serving malware/spam -
  2. WHID 2010-201: Operation: Payback Hits with 'Drive By' DoS -
  3. WHID 2010-200: Wikileaks Communications Infrastructure Attacked? -
  4. WHID 2010-199: Cyber Attack Strikes FreedomWorks -
  5. WHID 2010-198: Kaspersky download site hacked, redirecting users to fake AV -
  6. WHID 2010-197: AmeriCorps Security Breach -
  7. WHID 2010-196: HK star Dicky Cheung's blog hacked -
  8. WHID 2010-195: Anonymous DDoS on Gene Simmons' websites -
  9. WHID 2010-194: Liberal Democrats website hijacked by tuition fees message -

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