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Spot the Vuln - Tougher - SQL Injection


Affected Software: PunBB

Fixed in Version: 1.3

Issue Type: SQL Injection (SQLi)

Original Code: Found Here


This week's bug was an old SQL injection bug that affected PunBB versions < 1.3. In short, a value is taken from an attacker/user controlled POST request and is used to build a SQL statement. This bug actually requires a small amount of tracing, so here we go! First, we see that PunBB takes the attacker/user supplied content here (line 11)

$form = array_map('trim', $_POST['form']);

The line above uses the value passed via $_POST[?form'] to populate the $form variable. The value goes through a trim() function, but is (for the most part) un-sanitized. It's interesting that PHP allows for the submission of arrays through POST parameters. This behavior is mentioned in the comments on this page

Next, the $form variable (which contains our attacker supplied values from $_POST[?form']) is used in a foreach statement and each index of the $form variable value is used in some application logic. You can see this in the following line (line 19)

foreach ($form as $key => $input)

The foreach extracts the various values from the $form variable, does a quick comparison to a configuration value of some sort. If the comparison returns the correct value, the application uses the tainted value to populate a $query array variable. The tainted value is used here (line 26)

'SET'=> 'conf_value='.$input,

The name of the variable ($query), along with the names of the indexes in the array (UPDATE, SET, WHERE), and finally the names of variables/functions close-by ($forum_db, query_build) are dead giveaways that the untainted value will eventually be used in a SQL query. Use of a tainted value in this manner leads to SQL injection.
The developers addressed this issue by casting the tainted $input value to an int before using it to build a SQL statement.

Developers Solution

...<snip>... // Load the admin.php language file require FORUM_ROOT.'lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/admin_common.php'; require FORUM_ROOT.'lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/admin_settings.php'; $section = isset($_GET['section']) ? $_GET['section'] : null; if (isset($_POST['form_sent'])) { $form = array_map('trim', $_POST['form']); ($hook = get_hook('aop_form_submitted')) ? eval($hook) : null; ...<snip>... ($hook = get_hook('aop_pre_update_configuration')) ? eval($hook) : null; foreach ($form as $key => $input) { // Only update permission values that have changed if (array_key_exists('p_'.$key, $forum_config) && $forum_config['p_'.$key] != $input) { $query = array( 'UPDATE'=> 'config', -'SET'=> 'conf_value='.$input, +'SET' => 'conf_value='.intval($input), 'WHERE'=> 'conf_name=\'p_'.$forum_db->escape($key).'\" ); ($hook = get_hook('aop_qr_update_permission_conf')) ? eval($hook) : null; $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__); } // Only update option values that have changed if (array_key_exists('o_'.$key, $forum_config) && $forum_config['o_'.$key] != $input) { if ($input != " || is_int($input)) $value = '\".$forum_db->escape($input).'\"; else $value = 'NULL'; $query = array( 'UPDATE'=> 'config', 'SET'=> 'conf_value='.$value, 'WHERE'=> 'conf_name=\'o_'.$forum_db->escape($key).'\" ); ($hook = get_hook('aop_qr_update_permission_option')) ? eval($hook) : null; $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__); } } // Regenerate the config cache if (!defined('FORUM_CACHE_FUNCTIONS_LOADED')) require FORUM_ROOT.'include/cache.php'; generate_config_cache(); ($hook = get_hook('aop_pre_redirect')) ? eval($hook) : null; redirect(forum_link($forum_url['admin_settings_'.$section]), $lang_admin_settings['Settings updated'].' '.$lang_admin_common['Redirect']); } if (!$section || $section == 'setup') { // Setup the form $forum_page['group_count'] = $forum_page['item_count'] = $forum_page['fld_count'] = 0; // Setup breadcrumbs $forum_page['crumbs'] = array( array($forum_config['o_board_title'], forum_link($forum_url['index'])), array($lang_admin_common['Forum administration'], forum_link($forum_url['admin_index'])), array($lang_admin_common['Settings'], forum_link($forum_url['admin_settings_setup'])), array($lang_admin_common['Setup'], forum_link($forum_url['admin_settings_setup'])) ); ($hook = get_hook('aop_setup_pre_header_load')) ? eval($hook) : null; define('FORUM_PAGE_SECTION', 'settings'); define('FORUM_PAGE', 'admin-settings-setup'); require FORUM_ROOT.'header.php'; // START SUBST - <!- forum_main -> ob_start(); ($hook = get_hook('aop_setup_output_start')) ? eval($hook) : null; ?> <div class="main-content main-frm"> <form class="frm-form" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8" action="<?php echo forum_link($forum_url['admin_settings_setup']) ?>"> <div class="hidden"> <input type="hidden" name="csrf_token" value="<?php echo generate_form_token(forum_link($forum_url['admin_settings_setup'])) ?>" /> <input type="hidden" name="form_sent" value="1" /> </div> <div class="content-head"> <h2 class="hn"><span><?php echo $lang_admin_settings['Setup personal'] ?></span></h2> </div> ...<snip>...

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