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Spot the Vuln - Shape

I was scared I was going to have some weird shape to my head and I was pleased that I didn't.
Edward Furlong

Spot the Vuln uses code snippets from open source applications to demonstrate vulnerabilities in real world web applications. Every Monday morning a vulnerable code snippet is posted. Take a look at the vulnerable code and try to identify where the security vulnerability is. Every Friday, a solution is posted so you can check your answers. Each exercise is designed to last between 5 and 10 minutes. Do it while you drink your morning coffee and you will be on your way to writing more secure applications.




if(is_readable('html.php')) include_once('html.php');
 else die('Could not find HTML library.');
if(is_readable('mycommon.php')) require('mycommon.php');
else die('Could not open configuration file.');

 if(is_readable('lang.php')) include_once('lang.php');
 else die('Could not find language library.');


$msg = '';
$srch = '';


 $srch = search_bot();
 $param =array(
 echo HTML_TASK_ADD($param);  


function search_bot(){
global $mres,$_POST;

if($_POST['S_COMPID'] == '')
if($_POST['S_IP'] == '')
return ''; 

if($_POST['S_COMPID'] > ''){
$s_id = str_replace('*',"%",$_POST['S_COMPID']);
$q = 'SELECT * FROM `bots` WHERE `FCompID` like ("'.$s_id.'") limit '.$_POST['S_RESULTS'];
 $result = mysql_query($q,$mres);
 return  HTML_serch_res_tbl($result);  

if($_POST['S_IP'] > ''){

$s_ip = str_replace('*',"%",$_POST['S_IP']);

 $q = 'SELECT * FROM `bots` WHERE `ip_addr` like ("'.$s_ip.'") limit '.$_POST['S_RESULTS'];
 $result = mysql_query($q,$mres);
  return  HTML_serch_res_tbl($result);  


function HTML_serch_res_tbl($result){
global $LNG;

 $nr = @mysql_num_rows($result);
  return "<font color=#990000>Message</font>:<em> No Entries found.</em>";

$ret = " <br><table width=\"543\" border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"1\" cellspacing=\"1\"> "
." <tr class=\"file2\"> "
." <td colspan=\"8\" class=\"bhead\"><div align=\"center\">Select Results</div></td> "
." </tr> "
." <tr class=\"file2\"> "
." <td width=\"21\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC>Add</td> "
." <td width=\"26\" nowrap=\"nowrap\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC>Land</td> "
." <td width=\"82\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC nowrap=\"nowrap\">IP</td> "
." <td width=\"93\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC nowrap=\"nowrap\">Rep. Count total </td> "
." <td width=\"56\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC nowrap=\"nowrap\">Last Report</td> "
." <td width=\"100\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC nowrap=\"nowrap\">First Report</td> "
." <td width=\"40\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC nowrap=\"nowrap\">Bot Ver.</td> "
." <td width=\"44\" bgcolor=#FCFCFC nowrap=\"nowrap\">CompID</td> "
." </tr> ";


About the Authors:
Brett Hardin and Billy Rios run, a website dedicated to helping developers understand secure coding practices. You can find out more about the authors by visiting

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