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Spot the Vuln - Grammys

The last thing I want is to walk into my house after a long day and see all the Grammys and awards. It would make me feel weird.
Alicia Keys

Spot the Vuln uses code snippets from open source applications to demonstrate vulnerabilities in real world web applications. Every Monday morning a vulnerable code snippet is posted. Take a look at the vulnerable code and try to identify where the security vulnerability is. Every Friday, a solution is posted so you can check your answers. Each exercise is designed to last between 5 and 10 minutes. Do it while you drink your morning coffee and you will be on your way to writing more secure applications.



$countrys = $_POST['countrys'];
$states = $_POST['states'];

if ($countrys == "") {
$countrys = "all";
if ($states == "") {
$states = "all";

$date = date("m-d");
list($month, $day) = explode('-', $date);

print "<STYLE><!-- a:link{color:#404040;text-decoration:none;}  a:visited {color:#909090;text-decoration:none;}  a:active {color:#000000;text-decoration:none;}  a:hover {color:#000000;text-decoration:none;}  input {BACKGROUND-COLOR: #66CF96; BORDER-BOTTOM: #ffffff 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #ffffff 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #ffffff 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #ffffff 1px solid; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma,sans-serif; FONT-SIZE: 12px;}  --></STYLE>
<BODY bgcolor=#DDDDDD text=#505050 marginwidth=0><table align=center border=1><TD><form action=index.php method=post><B>Select by country</B><TD><select name=countrys><option value=all>All countries";

$j = 1;
while ($GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODES[$j] != "") {
print "<option value=$GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODES[$j]>$GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAMES[$j]\r\n";

print "</SELECT><TD><BR><INPUT type=submit value=submit></FORM><TR><TD>
<FORM action=index.php method=post><B>Select by state</B><TD><select name=states><option value=all>all<option value=AK>AK<option value=AL>AL<option value=AR>AR<option value=AS>AS<option value=AZ>AZ<option value=CA>CA<option value=CO>CO
<option value=CT>CT<option value=DC>DC<option value=DE>DE<option value=FL>FL<option value=GA>GA<option value=HI>HI<option value=IA>IA<option value=ID>ID<option value=IL>IL<option value=IN>IN
<option value=KS>KS<option value=KY>KY<option value=LA>LA<option value=MA>MA<option value=MD>MD<option value=ME>ME<option value=MI>MI<option value=MN>MN<option value=MO>MO<option value=MP>MP
<option value=MS>MS<option value=MT>MT<option value=NC>NC<option value=ND>ND<option value=NE>NE<option value=NH>NH<option value=NJ>NJ<option value=NM>NM<option value=NV>NU<option value=NY>NY
<option value=OH>OH<option value=OK>OK<option value=OR>OR<option value=PA>PA<option value=PR>PR<option value=RI>RI<option value=SC>SC<option value=SD>SD<option value=TN>TN<option value=TX>TX
<option value=UT>UT<option value=VA>VA<option value=VI>VI<option value=VT>VT<option value=WA>WA<option value=WI>WI<option value=WV>WV<option value=WY>WY</select>
<TD><BR><input type=submit value=submit></form></table><B><CENTER><BR>Current country selected: $countrys<BR>Current state selected: $states</CENTER></B><BR>
<table width=100% cellspacing=0><tr><td><table width=100% bgcolor=#FFFFFF cellspacing=1><tr><td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96><b>List</b></td></tr></table></td></tr>
<tr><td><table width=100% bgcolor=#FFFFFF cellspacing=1><tr><td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>IP</td><td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>UPDATE</td><td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>ID</td>
<td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>COUNTRY</td>
<td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>CITY</td>
<td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>STATE</td>
<td align=center bgcolor=#66CF96>UPTIME</td></tr>";

$stime = mktime();
$stime = $stime - 86400;
$link = mysql_connect($mysql_host, $mysql_login, $mysql_pass) or die("Could not connect: " . mysql_error());
mysql_select_db($mysql_db, $link) or die("Could not select : " . mysql_error());
$query = 'SELECT * FROM `socks` WHERE `update` > ' . $stime . ' ORDER BY `update` DESC';
$result = mysql_query($query, $link) or die("Could not execute: " . mysql_error());

$tot = 0;
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
$prms[0] = $row['ip'];
$prms[1] = $row['hport'];
$prms[2] = $row['sport'];
$prms[3] = $row['update'];
$prms[4] = $row['uptime'];
$prms[5] = $row['uid'];
$prms[6] = $row['used'];
if ($prms[0] != "") {

print "</table><table width=100% bgcolor=#FFFFFF cellspacing=1><tr><td align=right bgcolor=#66CF96>Total: <b>$tot</b></tr></td></table></table></table></tr></td></TABLE></BODY></HTML>";

function printent($prms,$tot,$countrys,$states){
if(!($tot%2)) {
} else {

$tid = $prms[5];
$tid = chop($tid);

$gi = geoip_open("../GeoIPCity.dat",GEOIP_STANDARD);
$record = geoip_record_by_addr($gi,$prms[0]);

if (($countrys == "all") & ($states == "all")) {
echo "<tr>\r\n";
echo "<td align=left bgcolor=$bcolor onClick=\"'check.php?ip=$prms[0]&port=$prms[2]&hport=$prms[1]','child','scrollbars=no,width=250,height=100');\" onmouseover=\"'#000D2A';\" onmouseout=\"'$bcolor';\"><font face='Fixedsys' color=#707070><INPUT type=button value=\"Copy IP\" onclick=window.clipboardData.setData(\"Text\",\"$prms[0]\")>$prms[0]</font></td>\r\n";
echo "<td align=center bgcolor=$bcolor><font face='Fixedsys' color=#707070>" . date("H:i:s d.m.y", $prms[3]) ."</font></td>\r\n";//socks
echo "<td align=center bgcolor=$bcolor><font face='Fixedsys' color=#707070><INPUT type=button value=\"Copy ID\" onclick=window.clipboardData.setData(\"Text\",\"$tid\")>&nbsp;$tid</font></td>\r\n";//socks

// Show flag
if ($record->country_code == "") {
$record->country_code = "-";
$record->country_name = "";

$c_code = strtolower($record->country_code);

$flag = "<IMG src=../flags/$c_code.gif>&nbsp;$record->country_name.<BR>";

echo "<td align=left bgcolor=$bcolor><font face='Fixedsys' color=#707070>$flag</font></td>\r\n";

About the Authors:
Brett Hardin and Billy Rios run, a website dedicated to helping developers understand secure coding practices. You can find out more about the authors by visiting

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