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Continuous Opportunity - DevOps and Security

Thank you to everyone at the Minnesota ISSA chapter for the opportunity to share some background on DevOps and some ideas about how security teams can benefit by adopting DevOps practices & tools. The presentation slides are available here:

Continuous Opportunity- DevOps and Security.

To learn more about DevOps and Cloud Security, check out the new DEV540: Secure DevOps and Cloud Application Security course!

About the Author
At the SANS Institute, Ben Allen works as a member of the Information Security team to protect the world's most trusted source of computer security training, certification, and research. He applies knowledge gained through over a decade of Information Security experience to problem domains ranging from packet analysis to policy development on an ongoing basis. Ben has contributed to Security best practices for DevOps and operationalized DevOps techniques for security teams leading to improvements in release time and stability.

Prior to joining the Information Security team at SANS, Ben worked in both the operations and development teams at SANS, as a Security Engineer and Architect at the University of Minnesota, and long ago as a systems administrator for the LCSE. Ben holds numerous SANS certifications, and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.


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Thank you for sharing your finding with us. Cyber security only gets tougher by the day and we need to stay on top of it

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