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Taming the Beast - The Floating Point DoS Vulnerability

Originally posted as Taming the Beast The recent multi-language numerical parsing DOS bug has been named the "Mark of the Beast". Some claim that this bug was first reported as early as 2001.This is a significant bug in (at least) PHP and Java. Similar issues have effected Ruby in the past. This bug has left … Continue reading Taming the Beast - The Floating Point DoS Vulnerability

ASP.NET Padding Oracle Vulnerability

A very serious vulnerability in ASP.NET was revealed this past month that allows attackers to completely compromise ASP.NET Forms Authentication, among other things. When things like this happen, as developersit's important to see what lessons can be learned in order to improve the defensibility of our software. Source: 'Padding Oracle' Crypto Attack Affects Millions of … Continue reading ASP.NET Padding Oracle Vulnerability

Response: Pentesting Coverage

The person I had the IM discussion with was Daniel Miessler. He responded in his own blog, and sent me the excerpt below as a response. Thanks for the offline and online comments to far. Certainly an interesting topic to discus! Continue reading Response: Pentesting Coverage