Certification: Sucess Stories


Security Architect

Vinay Bonsal, Cisco Security Programs Organization

14 Years Application and Architecture Development
5 years focus on secure development
C, C++, Java

With five years of experience in secure coding and architecture development, Vinay Bonsal is considered an old-timer in this new risk management arena. He is responsible for keeping internal IT applications secure at Cisco Systems, one of the largest technology companies in the world. Bonsal and his team realize the importance of their work, which includes collaborating with developers to assist in reviewing security architectures and policies for Cisco's IT applications.

Secure coding, says Bonsal, is the most effective and economical defense against application vulnerabilities. According to reports, applications are the top attack vector targeted by today's cyber criminals.

Bonal took the GSSP to check the level of his secure development practices, and at the same time, to evaluate whether the GSSP encompassed a well-rounded base of knowledge for testing other Cisco developers. Although satisfied with both, he plans to never stop learning and expanding secure development skills personally and throughout the Cisco Security Programs Organization.

"Enhancing our developers' knowledge of secure coding practices is an important part of our strategy," says Bonsal. "We hope to have a mix of security training programs, self-study by developers, and certifications to ensure the right mix of secure development skills."