Certification: Success Stories


Passing the GSSP: Spreading Secure Coding Practices

Reactions from the first group of SANS GSSPs suggest that the exam takers as well as their employers gained confidence from having their secure coding skills and knowledge validated. The group included application developers, and vulnerability and security experts from many industries. Each of them took the GSSP to test and validate skills, and all plan to use their certifications to spread secure coding practices throughout their organizations. Meet some of them here:

Vinay Bonsal, Cisco Security Programs Organization

With five years of experience in secure coding and architecture development, Vinay Bonsal is considered an old-timer in this new risk management arena. He is responsible f... Read Story

David Campbell, Access Data Corp.

Credibility and validation of skills are important in the client services world, especially when the service is a critical web application that supports pooled investment p... Read Story

Ricardo Patino, TELUS Security Solutions

Ricardo Patino started working on development of a commercial Web Application Firewall for his company, Assurent Security Solutions (acquired in 2006 by TELUS), back in 200... Read Story

Jonathan Pittman, Mississippi State University, Center for Computer Security Research

When Jonathan Pittman told his faculty supervisor that he'd passed the GSSP, that professor, who heads MSU's Computer Security Research Center, posted a news release about ... Read Story