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Security Awareness For Developers
STH.Developer provides the most up-to-date pinpoint software security awareness training for everyone involved in the software development process, when they need it most and from the comfort of their own desks.

SEC540: Secure DevOps and Cloud Application Security

Learn how developers and security professionals can build and deliver secure software using DevOps and cloud services and build a secure DevOps CI/CD toolchain.

Securing Web Application Technologies (SWAT) Checklist

The SWAT Checklist provides and easy to reference set of best practices that raise awareness and help development teams create more secure applications. It's a first step toward building a base of security knowledge around web application security.

Developer Courses OnDemand

Learn about web application security and secure coding whenever and wherever you want from your computer or iPad.
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Mission Statement

SANS Software Security seeks to ingrain security into the minds of every developer in the world by providing world-class educational resources to design, develop, procure, deploy, and manage secure software.


We offer developers, architects, testers, managers, and security professionals an opportunity to learn, discuss, and share current developments in the field. We provide information on application security research, training, certification, and events. Application Security Survey
Secure Programming Tips

Course Overview

The majority of security vulnerabilities are found in the application layer. Our courses teach you how to develop defensible applications that are resistant to attack. Course Brochure


Our software security certifications provide assurance that an individual has practical knowledge and skills in secure coding (GSSP), web application security (GWEB), and web application penetration testing (GWAPT).

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