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Survey on Application Security Programs - Webcast and Paper

For the second year in a row Jim Bird and I have helped SANS put together a "Survey on Application Security Programs and Practices". We asked some of the same questions as the previous year, just in a different way. Some interesting trends this year, as taken from the executive summary of the soon to be published paper, include the following:

- There was a significant improvement in the number of organizations implementing application security programs and practices. The percentage of organizations that have an active Appsec program increased from 66% last year to 83% this year?and many of the organizations that do not have a program in place yet are at least following some kind of ad hoc security practices.

- Organizations are testing more frequently. In this year's survey, more than one-third are doing continuous, ongoing security testing of their applications, whereas only 23% indicated doing so in our previous survey.

- Organizations continue to face the same kinds of challenges in getting management buy-in for application security programs. But the leading inhibitor for putting effective Appsec programs in place is now a shortage of application security skills, whereas in last year's survey, the leading inhibitor was management buy-in and funding. In this year's survey, organizations also ranked technical resources to maintain security in production their fourth most difficult problem.

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