Certification: Sucess Stories


Director of Information Security and Business Continuity Planning

David Campbell, Access Data Corp.

20 years Systems Engineering and Design
Developed patented applications for a major financial services firm
Senior Member of SalesVision Design and Development Team
C, Java, Web frameworks

Credibility and validation of skills are important in the client services world, especially when the service is a critical web application that supports pooled investment product sales reporting, compliance, compensation, and distribution for more than 30 of the largest financial institutions in the world. So critical is this one application to Access Data Corp. (www.accessdc.com), that it focuses significant resources on its secure development, testing, and operation.

"We know that security is important in web applications and so do our clients. That's one reason that they send us 30-page security questionnaires," says David Campbell, Director of Information Security and Business Continuity Planning for Access Data Corp.

With his new GSSP certification, Campbell can show clients that the skills used to review the application's code have been validated by an independent, trusted third party, he says. Even more important, he can envision growing these validated skill sets into a service, providing secure code reviews and secure coding consulting services for clients sometime in the near future.